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Design Services

Graphic design is the art of creating a visual representation for a business or an organisation that shows the users what a business does or the kind of services at offer using a combination of visual graphics as well as the content. The creative design agency UAE looks after the designing of images, graphics, layout, content which are as per the business requirements. It is the duty of the creative design agency to build and enhance the brand identity of business by designing visually appealing graphics and services.

Branding requires not just content but also the designing of visual themes and graphics which captures the consumers attention. We at Binary Space are not just a development house but we also offer the best creative design services in UAE.

Logo Designing

We help businesses as well as individuals in designing Logos which are aesthetically appealing and easy to recall. Our design team is one of the best creative teams in UAE and we make sure that your business and brand identity can be felt through the logo with unique design elements.

Website Design

Website designing incorporates the graphics and the visual side of the website development which gives the visitors a unique experience. The website design involves two main parts, one is User-Interface (UI) and the other is User-Experience (UX). Our team is highly skilled in both UI and UX which allows to create and design unique websites for your business or organization delivering you with custom designs and layout. We also take care of the SEO, plugins and even content if you don’t have your own. Binary Space offers you the best website designs being one of the best creative designing agency in UAE

Mobile App Screen

Mobile app screens are the first page a user sees on any mobile application and this can also be a reason for them to download or delete the application. We design visually pleasing and satisfying mobile app screens which ensures engagement and elevates the user experience. Binary Space offers you the best and creative designs for your mobile application and we are confident that our graphic design company are one of the best in UAE.


Not every campaign can be run online and there are times when you need to use traditional media like the print to send our fliers or pamphlets as advertisements. We help your business or campaigns by creating and designing fliers and pamphlets. Which are easy to read yet visually appealing to catch the attention of the readers.

Name Card

What is a business professional without his/her personal visiting Card. Every professional need their name cards for networking and expanding their professional clientele. Binary Space-Inc offers you with creative design ideas for your name card by delivering visual appeal as per your business needs.

Social Media Post/banner

Any social media business account needs its own personalised banner or posts for campaigns or new product launches or teasers. We look after the designing of your social media visual content as well as posts for your campaigns. Which are visually attractive and informative at the same time. We even take care of SEO services. so that your posts are always on the top list when searched through keywords.

Web Design

Web development is the work involved in designing, creating and developing web pages which are as per the requirements of a business, an individual or an organization. The main purpose of the website development is bringing digital visibility of a business or its services on the Internet (World Wide Web). This allows users to search for information and services a business has to offer through a mobile device or a computer system.

We develop custom websites based on your requirements, using tools namely WordPress, Magneto, Prestashop, etc to provide your business with the best web development services in UAE. We are one of the best top web development company UAE and have developed websites for several startups and SMEs.

Below are some examples of the kind of websites we design and develop:

E-commerce Website

E-commerce websites are those which allow the user or businesses to conduct the sale and purchase of products online. We use WordPress and Magento (CRM) tools for e-commerce website development. This provides customers with an elevated and more engaging experience on the website. Our custom web development company UAE has helped many businesses in developing an e-commerce platform for their businesses

Portfolio Website

A portfolio website allows you to showcase your products or services to the visitors or existing users. We have created such portfolios using unique design themes that align with your business operations. This allows you to set yourself apart from the competition and increase your visibility. Binary Space provides you with web development services for your business portfolio which is in alignment with your business operations.

Web Progressive App

A web progressive app is that type of website application which gives the usability and features of a native app but on a web browser. A PWA is more reliable and fast in terms of loading thanks to the caching of content through Service Workers. We use programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript for developing reliable and smooth operating web progressive apps which will give your visitors a smooth and faster loading time and reduce attrition.

Loading Page

A landing page is a standalone web page that opens when clicked upon by a user. A landing page allows users to view information by clicking on relevant links or keywords/ads. We optimize the SEO and the content for the landing page with ad content. We provide data from Google analytics which shows the conversion rate and the click-through rate of the landing page and even gathers the mailing list of the subscribers.


A blog is that type of website which is updated constantly to increase visibility and reach more audience. Binary Space will help your website by putting the content for your business on a blog. This allows the website visitors to access information about your business or the industry trends in which you are operating. We create visually appealing blogs that are easy to navigate and are precise in delivering the right content. Click here: Software Development Agency

Social Media Website

We help businesses by looking after their social media platforms to link the website to their social media accounts. The integration of your social media accounts is done using website development tools like WordPress, Shopify or even HubSpot. We even look after the content, SEO and posts that help in increasing visibility for your business and also provide a feedback forum for your customers.

Software Design

We at Binary Space put a lot of focus on your business requirements and we make sure that we provide you with custom and tailor-made solutions which we usually call bespoke software development. We offer tech and IT development which is focused on your business operations and provides you with features and add ons as per your needs. Our team has helped several businesses in UAE by creating custom software development for them which follow their vision and mission statement. The main advantage a bespoke software development has when compared to over the shelf software solutions is that in a bespoke software development everything is designed around the business objectives of your company or your requirements.

We develop custom websites based on your requirements, using tools namely WordPress, Magneto, Prestashop, etc to provide your business with the best web development services in UAE. We are one of the best top web development company UAE and have developed websites for several startups and SMEs.

Some benefits that bespoke software solutions provide:

Inventory Management

We provide custom inventory management tools that help businesses maintain their inventory storage and make sure that they always have minimum operating inventory at their disposal. We offer custom made inventory management solutions in UAE for your business needs and support your IT department in any way required.

Human Resource Management

Using CRM tools, we help in developing a human resource database where a business can track and evaluate their employees’ performance and tasks. At Binary Space, we create custom tools for maintaining

System Integration

A custom software development allows businesses to integrate all their business activities and keep a proper track of their operations with cloud backed data which is readily available for review. Binary Space offers you the best custom tool development for the integration of IT services and business operations.

Marketing Strategy

marketing-strategyCreating a yearly marketing strategy for your company or brand is something you should definitely consider. In-depth planning involves understanding the market and your current business situation and using that knowledge to identify marketing goals and objectives. As a marketing agency we are able to work with you and your business to support you in achieving not only your goals but also future success.

Bridging the gap between online and offline marketing will be critical to your marketing success. Digital online marketing will allow you to increase your reach based on your budget; whilst also giving the ability to track metrics and analyze data and ROI.

Social media gives you a direct way of communicating with your target audience; therefore, a key strategy should be in place for this.

There are many more reasons to develop a marketing plan. The value of a sound strategic marketing plan far outweighs any investment you make to create one and the benefits will last for years. If you don’t have any marketing strategy in place and would like some further information, get in touch. We offer a free consultation service and we are sure you will be amazed by our creativity, ideas, thoughts and solutions.

At Binary Space our services range from, Out of home advertising, social media management, search engine optimization through to creating and managing full 360 marketing campaigns. Our services are bespoke to suit your individual requirements and vary from business to business. Whether you require a regular e-Shot campaign, branded adverts for social media or corporate Golf Day’s we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver.

Information Technology Network Services

network-servicesAs software applications and working methods become more innovative, demands on your underlying IT infrastructure increase. Employees want to utilise video conferencing and fast, remote access to the network without having their user experience impacted. Thankfully, we provide a large range of IT infrastructure services that you can choose from to enhance your system speed and remote access. The tricky part is choosing the right configuration for your business.

We analyse your working environment and business objectives, before designing a free-flowing, simplified network that delivers the right balance of speed, accessibility, reliability and security. We can offer cloud-based infrastructure, on-premises hardware, or a hybrid configuration to provide the best solution for you and your budget.

As well as our large range of infrastructure management services, we are also able to offer a range of services that allow you to benefit from our dedicated data centre – with none of the associated costs and hassle of running one yourself. Our southern data centre is located within a purpose-built ex-Ministry of Defence UK facilities, which are ISO 27001 accredited, fully PCI DSS v3.0 compliant and IGSoC, HMG-CESG and G-Cloud certified. Our facility is staffed 24/7/365 by security, technical and network staff.


Microsoft Platforms

We’ve been a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for many years implementing Microsoft technologies for customers – such as Microsoft Office 365, Windows Server, Microsoft’s own public cloud, Azure, and HyperV in Windows Server. We bring the best of what established technology companies, like Microsoft, can offer to your business, with the benefit of local, personal support with our managed network services.

On Premise Hardware

After reviewing your specific system criteria, we’ll specify, install, monitor and maintain your on-premises hardware. Whether you want to keep everything in-house, or opt for a hybrid model, using cloud-based services like disaster recovery or data back-up, we’ll make sure your hardware is up to date, protected, and is specified at the right level to do the job you need it to.


If you need more bandwidth, storage capacity, or want to introduce flexible working, then virtualisation is the ideal solution. Using an optimal combination of servers, virtual switching and data centre-based infrastructure, we can create an integrated system for your business that’s efficient, and will easily scale as your needs change. You can choose a hybrid model: keeping part of your IT on premises, and selectively choosing aspects for virtualisation to suit.

Storage / SAN

We have a range of managed network solutions to help you with your growing storage requirements. We can help you store more on your existing SAN by using compression technology, and we can provide additional, secure storage capacity through our data centre. From back-up to a full business continuity plan, we can make sure your company’s stored data is safe, and accessible when you need it.


Whether you are accessing a public cloud, private cloud, or need direct communications between multiple sites, we’ll design and install the connectivity technology that meets your requirements the closest. We have expertise in MPLS, SIP and wireless connectivity, plus data cabling services. On top of recommending the technology that best suits your business, we’ll liaise with your telecoms provider and oversee the entire installation on your behalf.

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